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I just read an article on the CBC website about the whole Gretzky betting ‘scandal’. At the bottom of the article were people’s email responses to the article. The general consensus was that they were sick of the media trying to ‘create’ juicy news and that no one actually believes Gretzky had done anything wrong. Furthermore, at no point in the ‘investigation’ did anyone think Gretzky did anything wrong or was involved. If he said he had no knowledge, everyone believes he is telling the truth and had no knowledge.
This is amazing considering most people will jump on the chance to accuse a celebrity of wrong-doing. It’s that grand attempt to drop ’em down to our non-celebrity level. But no one did it to Gretzky. Everyone believed him. Why? Because his gentlemanly, sportsmanly conduct precedes him. Through good living, he exudes trustworthiness.
I want to have that stellar a reputation. That is my goal in life.
Vive la Gretzky.
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