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I found a lousy place to pick up men.

Here is my advice to straight women: don’t go to construction industry safety courses to find a boyfriend. My experience today indicates that not only are they not very smart, they’re boring.
Item 1: Smart.
We had to write an exam at the end of the course. It was about 35 questions – all multiple choice. I finished the exam in less than five minutes. I went to hand in my exam to the instructor. He told me that we would wait until everyone else was done, then go over them together. ugh. Fifteen minutes later, he told the class to stop writing so we could mark them. The guy next to me still had 6 or 7 questions left.
The instructor pointedly told the class, "you’ll notice that there is an eraser on the end of your pencils…" so as he gave out the answers, the pupils furiously erased away. And the guy next to me actually used his book to answer the questions…
Item 2: Boring.
At the beginning of the class, we had to say who we were, what company we were from and what we liked to do when we got home from work with our spare time – "things we looked forward to".
There were about 20 males in the class and two females, including myself (even though they kept calling me ‘sir’).
The number one answer was "drink beer".
The number two answer was "watch tv".
The only other answer provided was "play with my kids". (And I don’t actually believe them… he he)
The other female in the class said that she liked going home and cooking for her family. 
Not a single person mentioned a sport, any form of physical exercise, or any hobby.
No wonder they can’t complete a 35 question multiple choice exam with any success…
Consider yourselves warned ladies.
  1. Miss
    February 7, 2006 at 11:15 am

    Good to know! lolIf I ever go for the male species again, I\’ll be sure to steer clear of construction workers. hehehe

  2. Nath
    February 11, 2006 at 10:13 pm

    Hi, I just happened to choose to visit a random blog and ended up here. I\’m moody today and you made me laugh although I\’m sure your day wasn\’t fun. Have a good weekend! 

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