fibre shmibre

I just got home from work (yes, at 8 pm!). For dinner, I made cereal. Not terribly exciting one may say but one would be wrong.
While scrounging through the cupboard for food, I found a brand new box of fibre1 cereal. I bought it because it has 11g of fibre per serving. Normally when you have that much fibre in a cereal, it’s because it’s that crappy all bran that looks like rabbit pellets. This cereal looked somewhat good: kind of like corn flakes with little crunchy bits thrown in for good measure.
So tonight I tried it for the first time. Holy smokes – it was delicious! Very excellent flavour. I could hardly believe it. I suggest you try it if you need some fibre. Hell – even if you don’t need fibre, give it a go. It may even be better than Captain Crunch.
  1. Paulette
    February 16, 2006 at 9:58 pm

    I totally agree with you here…I just love this cereal too!!
    And he fibre helps if you know what I mean…hahwe

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