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“Come” they told me…

My drum finally arrived!
Historically, I have had no rhythm. Can’t sing, can’t dance. Have no innate musical ability whatsoever. Took organ lessons for four painful years during my youth. That’s it. Learned to play "Fur Elise" on the piano one summer at the fort by memorizing it. Anyone listening will tell you that although I could play all the notes, there was no musicality to it.
Since I have recently been taking dance lessons and doing parade twirling with the ROTC (both activities involving a great deal of rhythm) ,and because I still recall the article about the nuns who donated their brains to science, I figure I should try to train my brain to be more musical.
Consequently, I bought a snare drum off ebay for $15. I can’t do anything with it yet but annoy the neighbours, but some day, I’ll be able to play something inspirational. Wait for that day.
And drumming is so much more sexy than playing Scrabble… the women will flock to me now… Stella beware.
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