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It’s official – I’m a geek!

Today in the mail, I received my official National Scrabble Association membership card.
With it came a Scrabble News newsletter with stories, events, and scrabble puzzles, games and tips. I also got the tournament rules and an official cheat sheet word list. The cheat sheet includes all the 2’s and their hooks, 3’s, short J words, short Q words, short X words, short Z words, the U-less Q words (there are 28 in the new OSPD word list), I dumps, U dumps, and vowel dumps. I also got a separate list of all the 3’s and their hooks.
Now all I need is someone to play with me… I’d play with Stella but she keeps beating me. It’s sad but true. Two years ago, she couldn’t play at all. I taught her everything she knows and now she kicks my ass on a regular basis. I haven’t won in at least 5 games… maybe 6. Ungrateful bitch.
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  1. Miss
    January 18, 2006 at 10:45 am

    Oh my!I\’ll play with you. I really suck, so you\’ll have no problem beating me. lol

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