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There are still honest people in the world.

I got a call today from the guy who is now living in my old Port Credit apartment.
Apparently, I got a cheque from Canada3000 in the mail at that old address, which he opened by mistake (didn’t notice it was addressed to me until he opened it and saw the name on the cheque). So he tracked me down and called. I’m going to pick it up on my way to soccer tonight.
I’m very glad I got a cheque. Especially because I did my budget for the year based on my first paycheque in January. My budget was very liberal and I still had about $500 a month left over. Today I looked at my paystub to find out that this cheque had also included my quarterly bonus (which I was expecting on my next paycheque). So I have significantly less money each month than I thought I did. I just increased my RRSP contributions and wrote my dad a bunch of cheques! Curses!
And from my preliminary calculations, I think that even though I just got a raise, I must have changed tax brackets as my cheques seem to be smaller…
That’s so not fair.
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