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1. Using soap for shampoo seemed to work fine.
2. I did get put in first class (for free!), but it was for the red eye portion from Las Vegas to Toronto. No food service, no movie and I can’t sleep in an airplane seat no matter how wide it is so it likely wasn’t the best example of a first class experience.
However, it WAS preferable to the Phoenix to Las Vegas portion of the trip where I was sandwiched into cattle class, in the tiniest seating arrangement ever. I was surrounded by partiers on their way TO Vegas, which I don’t suggest, and the guy next to me smelled like he’d been drinking for the last four days. Thankfully, that was only a 45 minute flight (+ the 20 minutes sitting on the runway before takeoff and then another 20 minutes on the other runway after arriving).
And I would tell you that the Las Vegas airport bathrooms were the worst bathrooms I’ve ever seen, but maybe I was just grumpy. After all, it WAS three in the morning.
Now I need coffee. I really need coffee.
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