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It’s hot here.

I know it’s hot in Toronto, but it’s very hot here in Phoenix. And, yes, I’m here again. And because I’m here, I’ll miss my first swing dance class on friday. *pout*
The flight in was fine but I was seated next to a very high maintenance flyer. It was terribly annoying. And I wasn’t even originally supposed to sit with them. I was originally sitting in seat 22A. Then these two guys sat beside me and asked if I could change spots with their buddy in seat 16A. Being the nice person I am, I said sure. Then I had to get up and push my way up the aisle, against the direction of traffic to get to my new seat. People looked annoyed and it wasn’t even my fault! It was the dumb boys who couldn’t stand to be parted for even 4.5 hours. Geez.
We arrived in one piece, which is the goal. There was no food served even though my e-ticket (purchased on wednesday morning) said there was supposed to be lunch. They did give us two wee bags of pretzels, which was two more bags of snacks than I got when I flew Air Canada at Christmas.
The movie was "Dreamer". I didn’t watch. I did "killer suduko". I was doing regular suduko in the airport and my boss saw me. He gave me his "killer suduko" book to try one of those. It was great fun but took me three times longer than it should have. Now my boss has a record of how stupid I am. I’m thinking we should make applicants do these puzzles as part of their entry exam.
Then the flight was sitting there at the gate in Phoenix waiting for the other plane to get out of the way for about 20 minutes. No big deal. No one had connecting flights. The male in the high maintenance couple started swearing to himself about how long it was taking, because obviously, that will speed things up. I ignored him as best I could.
When the doors finally opened, people were exiting the plane slowly. The guy continued to bitch, joined in by the men around him. Middle-aged businessmen can be really catty.
These two elderly ladies got up and started up the aisle. Very slowly because, well, they lived through WWII. Wouldn’t you be slow? And what did it slow us down? Maybe 30 – 45 seconds? So the irate men in a hurry started commenting that the ‘old women’ should stay in their seats and wait for everyone else to pass. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pointedly turned and said, "yeah it’s annoying when you have to be so patient with seniors…" and then I rolled my eyeballs.
We got to our hotel, which for some reason (no wait, there IS a reason – it’s a cheap hotel), there’s no shampoo. Can I wash my hair with hand soap? I’m going to try tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.
Luckily, my wireless internet in my room is working so I was able to give this long ramble. My boss had to spend about an hour trying to get his to work.
And now I’m going to do some computer work and watch "Dancing with the Stars". That might make up for me missing my swing class tomorrow night.
Oh and my boss is going to try to get me a free upgrade to first class for the flight home. Won’t that be exciting? I’ve never flown first class. I’m far too cheap.
PS: One really nice thing was that after this long day, I took off my boots and found one of Stella’s long, red, curly hairs in it. That made me so happy. I miss you little Stella. mwah! Think of me at dance class. Tell the boys I’m thinking of them.
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