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Feng shui.

I have been distracted for the last year or so because I am not making optimal use of my living space. Things I own are sized for Edmonton space. Toronto space is smaller so I’ve been having issues.
Consequently, my house contains:
A bedroom that is full, a spare bedroom that contains my computer desk and has room for nothing else, another spare bedroom with a beautiful bay window and my scrapbooking table and room for a lot more, and my basement which has exercise equipment in one half and a guest bed in the other half – both of which are crowded. My bookshelf, which is in the hallway, is full and since I got a few books for Christmas, overfull.
There are office supplies in the linen closet, spare bedroom closet and bay window room closet. There are clothes in every closet I own. Things are all mixed up and there doesn’t seem to be a good place for anything.
This stresses me out.
It affects me subliminally on a daily basis. It has to be fixed.
Therefore, I decided that it would be logical to make the beautiful bay window room an office where I would spend most of my free time. This means moving the computer in there. My computer desk is a huge L-shaped monster with an armoir. There isn’t a single L-shaped wall in the bay window room.
To fix this, I’m selling my computer desk and I’ve bought a smaller little IKEA desk and one of those cube shelves (a 4 ft square made up of nine cubes). Now, there is storage space for the right things in the right room. Once the office to bay room transfer is complete, I’ll move the guest bed up to the spare bedroom where my computer used to be.
Then I’ll move all my currently-worn clothes to either my bedroom or front closet and the fat clothes to rubbermaid containers in the basement. These containers will be neatly arranged along the wall where the guest bed used to be and the remaining basement space can be used for stretching and/or other exercise-related activities.
Doesn’t that all make more sense? Don’t you feel much better knowing these things will happen. I know I do. I also think my mother will be positively affected.
And I’m sure my co-workers will find me much easier to work with, even though they won’t know why.
So the next time someone is snippy with you or cuts you off in traffic, just think about what’s going on in their lives. Maybe their space is improperly utilized.
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  1. Miss
    January 6, 2006 at 11:05 am

    I hear ya bayee. It drives me around the bend when my Chi is messed up. I just can\’t stand clutter. Argh.I can\’t wait to sleep in the new guest room & see all the changes. (Yes, I\’m inviting myself up. hehehe)

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