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erotica thought of the day

January 31, 2006 2 comments
Stella lent me a library book of women’s erotica. (Can you believe they have erotica at the library?) Anyway, they had a story with vampires and it hit me that lots of erotica I’ve read is vampire based. In fact, one of the most popular vampire fiction writers (Anne Rice) also writes erotica.
I wonder why vampires are considered so sexy…
Why not werewolves or frankenstein or the yeti or Stephen Harper?
Has anyone ever heard of a monster, but non-vampire, erotic tale?
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fibre shmibre

January 30, 2006 1 comment
I just got home from work (yes, at 8 pm!). For dinner, I made cereal. Not terribly exciting one may say but one would be wrong.
While scrounging through the cupboard for food, I found a brand new box of fibre1 cereal. I bought it because it has 11g of fibre per serving. Normally when you have that much fibre in a cereal, it’s because it’s that crappy all bran that looks like rabbit pellets. This cereal looked somewhat good: kind of like corn flakes with little crunchy bits thrown in for good measure.
So tonight I tried it for the first time. Holy smokes – it was delicious! Very excellent flavour. I could hardly believe it. I suggest you try it if you need some fibre. Hell – even if you don’t need fibre, give it a go. It may even be better than Captain Crunch.

Good job Terri!

January 26, 2006 2 comments
I just met Stella’s sister’s new boyfriend, Mike. Mike is a very impressive young man. He is very sweet, absolutely adorable, a perfect gentleman, seemingly cuddly, has excellent table manners and has religious beliefs quite similar to my own.
How come I can’t find a nice boy like that?
Oh – right – gay. *shrug*
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If this is true, my parents are phenominal people.

January 26, 2006 2 comments
I just finished reading Freakonomics by Steven Levitt. I am going to quote his work here so please go to his website and buy his book so I can call it advertising instead of plagarism. (I haven’t actually bought the book myself –  I borrowed Stella’s copy, which is a library book, so she didn’t buy it either.)
Regardless, he makes some interesting observations like why drug dealers live with their parents, how sumo wrestlers are like teachers and how the main reason for the dropping crime wave in the 1990’s was the Roe vs Wade decision.
Oh – and he also tries to explain why people are stealing from the honour-system snack table at work, but I won’t get into that here.
One of the points he made that I will mention was regarding how important/unimportant parents are in the success of their offspring. In essence, he concludes that it’s not what parents DO (culture, ballet, Baby Mozart), but what parents ARE that has an effect:
"…this is not to say that parents don’t matter. Plainly they matter a great deal. Here is the conundrum: by the time most people pick up a parenting book, it is far too late. Most of the things that matter were decided long ago — who you are, whom you married, what kind of life you lead. If you are smart, hardworking, well educated, well paid, and married to someone equally fortunate, then your children are more likely to succeed… But it doesn’t matter what you do as a parent; it’s who you are. In this regard, an overbearing parent is a lot like a political candidate who believes that money wins elections, whereas in truth, all the money in the world can’t get a candidate elected if the voters don’t like him to start with."
Interesting no?
He also discussed how it’s more likely your child will drown in a swimming pool than die from a gun accident and has a great paragraph on how fear is related to risk and how precautions are taken based on the ‘immediacy’ of your fear and the amount of control you perceive you have over it vs the ‘possibilty of realization’ of the fear. For example, more action is taken to thwart terrorism than heart disease, but heart disease is more prevalent, because fewer people are afraid of heart disease than terrorism – you can control your own exposure to heart disease, but not to terrorism.
"Compare the four hundred lives that a few swimming pool precautions might save to the number of lives saved by… child-resisant packaging (an estimated fifty lives a year), flame-retardant pajamas (ten lives), keeping children away from air bags in cars (fewer than five young children a year have been killed by air bags since their introduction), and safety drawstrings on children’s clothing (two lives)."
If all this is true, I’d be a pretty amazing parent. I have a university education and am moderately successful, have never been incarcerated, and don’t own a swimming pool.
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I am mortified.

January 24, 2006 1 comment
A conservative minority government may seem like no big deal to the straight people of Canada. They may even think they are sending a message to the corrupt Liberal government, however, as a gay person, I feel that I have now been relegated to second-class citizen… deviant and therefore not entitled to the same human rights as our breeding co-Canadians. In fact, not unlike murderers, rapists and counterfeiters… no wait… these people CAN marry. My mistake.
Let us hope that recalling the marriage rights vote was just saber-rattling. Otherwise, I’ve had it with this country.
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At least Stella gets free doo bags.

January 23, 2006 Leave a comment
I went grocery shopping today. The clerk who bagged my goods put two items per bag. I am not exaggerating. My zucchini and my red pepper in one bag. My bananas (or my ‘b-a-n-a-n-a-s" as gwen stephani says) and my milk in another. My tin of water chestnuts and broccoli head in another. It was crazy.
Luckily, I save my grocery bags for Stella so she has something to scoop doggy doo with.
And on the topic of doggy doo: I voted today. How do you think that’s going to turn out?
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The origin of Stella

January 19, 2006 1 comment
For those of you wondering why the wtb became Stella in my recent blogs, this picture will explain it all. (And if you haven’t read any of these children’s books, I suggest you do. They are very good. Semblences to people living or dead is purely coincidental.) 
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