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Flight to Edmonton

I woke up this morning at 6:00am to catch my 8:15 flight. It went very well. I actually thought I’d have trouble getting through airport security as I was bringing my Scrabble timer home. It’s a black box with lights and a timing device. I showed the guy how it works and he let me through. I guess I looked geeky enough to own a Scrabble timer. <Aside: the wtb and I decided last night that I wasn’t actually a geek – I just have geeky hobbies.>
The flight was fairly good. The inflight movie was Cinderella Man and the headsets were free this time. The food was not. I skipped it.
The couple sitting next to me looked like newlyweds and were very nice. Sadly, the woman had broken the pee seal with her Starbucks coffee and had to get up (and consequently get me up) three times during the four hour flight. I planned ahead and skipped my morning coffee. I have actually only peed twice today and I’ve been up for 14 hours. Impressive, no? Especially when you consider that this is the same person who pees every hour on the hour at work.
Now I’m hanging with my brother and his fiancee. She is a stamper and showed me how to emboss. Very exciting. I know what I’m getting with my next 40% off Michael’s coupon.
Gotta go get some grilled cheese made on the George Foreman. Later!
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