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My scrabble debut (and butt-kicking)

My day was off to a questionable start when my alarm clock didn’t go off and I overslept. The reason the alarm didn’t go off was because I hadn’t turned it on the night before. It’s rare, but it happens.
I drove all the way to Cambridge thinking that I was going to be late, they were going to start my clock and I would be all panicked and overtime and lose miserably. Somehow, I managed to get there about two minutes before my game started and was perfectly good to go. Phew.
Game 1:
I drew my tiles and played all seven of them in ATONING for 68 points. Off to a good start. I later played another seven letter word: OUTLIER for 73 points and managed to win the game 379-342. My tournament record: 1-0 (+37). (1 win, 0 losses, scoring 37 more points than my opponents.)
Game 2:
Very close game. I didn’t get any seven letter words and I lost by two points. My record is now: 1-1 (+35).
Game 3:
Holy lord. My opponent killed me. I didn’t get any seven letter words. I didn’t get any blanks. I only got one S. She got all the good stuff at very good times to play them profitably. I did manage to challenge her bad DIVET off the board, but she still beat me 454-221. I can’t remember the last time I scored that low. Maybe when I was 12?
She did feel terrible for beating me that badly and apologized profusely. Then, hoping to make me feel better, she added "I’m a horrible player. I’m a loser!" Yeah, that makes me feel a lot better. I was decimated by a loser. My record is now: 1-2 (-198).
Then we had lunch.
Game 4:
Despite playing POUNCER for 80 points, I lost. Also by a lot. 297-422. And most of his points were making phony hooks (OS & LOS). I know all my two-letter words. I know OS isn’t good. I did not challenge. WHY!? Beh. My record: 1-3 (-323).
Game 5:
I played a friend from my Scrabble club. I had played her in the club and beat her. She was winless so far in the tournament. My brain was completely broken for this game. I played AO (phony), misspelled apt as ATP, and played LAIT (a phony, which fortunately, my opponent didn’t catch). She beat me 321-302. My record: 1-4 (-342).
Game 6:
I performed brilliantly in this game. I got great letters, played POTATOES for 61 pts, AGROUND for 76 pts and JURY for 54 pts. I won 451-213. I was also playing a 12 year old. It was his second tournament though, so technically he had more experience than I did. And I let him get away with IG on a triple word score. My record: 2-4 (-104).
At this point, they take all the scores and sort you out to play someone ranked near you in the tournament. I was 10th out of a field of 14. I was matched with the 9th place player for the last game. This was the same woman who beat me by two points in Game 2. It was the grudge match!
Game 7:
I played the only seven letter word, CANDIES for 69 pts. She challenged my ABLER and it was good. (I was surprised too – I just guessed. I figured it was like enabler, but shorter.) She beat me 307-310. Sigh.
My final tournament record: 2-5 (-107).
Oh – and the self-proclaimed ‘loser’ in Game 3 wound up winning our whole division. She was 6-1.
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  1. Jenn
    December 18, 2005 at 2:48 pm

    Wow. I\’d say you still did pretty well for your first tourny. And the rushed entry could not have set the tone to a level conducive to good concentration. So, I have to ask…did you go for pizza pizza afterward?

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