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My tough as nails little princess.

Just to update those of you who knew the wtb was going into surgery last week: She’s fine. She was dancing up a storm on Sunday so she must be recovered. She did skip the ‘learn to dip’ lesson as she would have been the dippee and she knew knew that I, the dipper, had injured my back in that trecherous flossing incident earlier in the day. Although I don’t think she was too sore to be dipped, she was just too skeptical to let me dip her.
Anyway, the surgery itself went very well. She only had to take one painkiller afterwards (and really, I don’t think she needed it per se, she just took it to appease me). The only part of the surgery that was difficult for her was the 15 hours she went without food, particularly the last couple hours of that. And that man in the waiting room with the Horton’s bagel wasn’t helping matters much. Bastard. He was lucky I was there and strong enough to hold her down (I hadn’t flossed that morning…).
Her favourite part was waking up in recovery with the nurse telling her that she looked like a princess. She always suspected, but now it’s been confirmed.
Oh – and I got to see the wtb without ANY jewelery. It was like seeing her naked… I think… I can’t remember… I need to see her naked again to compare…
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  1. S L
    December 13, 2005 at 10:32 am

    It wasn\’t just a Horton\’s bagel he was eating; it was one of those yummy chicken sandwiches! Remind me to only have morning surgery from now on!

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