Broken.. again!

So last night I was thinking that my shoulder was feeling pretty good and strong. I’ve abused the hell out of it for the last two months, but the chiro work has done its job – I’m up to 15 reps at 3lbs from 10 reps without any weight. Excellent.
Consequently, I was mentally planning re-introducing arm exercises into my workout, doing some weights so my arms get nice and tough looking for the wtb. You know I like to look studly.
Then this morning, I woke up and showered. Still feeling strong and healthy. No problem.
And then I flossed. Somehow during my flossing routine, my back went into spasm. I have a nasty stitch that hurts like a sonofagun when I rotate my upper body (to shoulder check, tie my shoes, etc.). Someone up there is telling me not to exercise.
Who the hell hurts themselves flossing?
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