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We played hookie.

The wtb and I took Friday off work. (Legally – we didn’t call in sick – we took a vacation day.)
We went to the Ontario Science Centre and saw the IMAX production ‘Mysteries of the Nile’. It was much like the Everest IMAX film. Testosterone-filled adventurers putting themselves in a lot of danger for the glory. I’m never sure how I feel about these accomplishments. If it were solely based upon skill, I’d be very impressed, but a large part of it is luck and good fortune – Mother Nature chose not to get you today (by knocking you off the mountain with a fast wind or a large rock falling on your head). I can also see the sense of accomplishment you’d have by physically being able to do these things that fat, couch potatoes like myself cannot, however, since there are so many elements out of your control, it seems like a huge investment of time (and MONEY) to do something that could end your life in five seconds if that crocodile happened to be hungrier. I guess it’s all a question of risk. They are willing to risk their lives to climb the mountain. I’m will to risk a bruise on my shin to play soccer.
We also took in the BodyWorlds2 display while we were there. Essentially, an anatomist/inventor developed a plastination method that can preserve and harden body parts. The BodyWorld display was a bunch of body parts and bodies arranged so you can see the muscles, organs, nerves, blood vessels, etc. It was very interesting.
My favourite part was the series of tubes containing floating embryos in developing stages. It’s amazing that we can see these things.
The only thing I would have changed is that for the displays that had a full body, I would have liked to see a write-up about the person. Not their name, but maybe just what they did for a living, whether they were married and how many kids they had or how many siblings, and what they died of and at what age. That would have personified them a little. As it was, they didn’t seem too human – more like models someone built from clay or plastic.
Oh – I also would have changed the number of bratty school kids that attended. I have forgotten how loud and chaotic school groups are. And after reading the guest book, it appears that they were also very unsupervised.
One person did make a valid comment that I agreed with: she mentioned that she was disappointed that all the male displays were doing a variety of fun things (skateboarding, soccer, baseball, etc) while the women were doing stereotypically ‘female’ activities (yoga, ballet, housing fetuses). Hear, hear!
After the science centre, we went for dinner at the Cafe Next Door for our favourite food: breakfast paninis (the wtb had hers without egg) and then nipped off to Costco to pick up cookies for my Christmas Cookie Exchange tonight. (I have to buy cookies because my oven is broken, not because I’m too lazy to bake – well, mostly.)
Then we went to the wtb’s to play Scrabble and watch an episode of degrassi that she taped for me.
And then I went home to find I had left my garage door open. Luckily, my neighbourhood seems to be honest enough. I had about $1000 worth of smelly hockey equipment that no one took.
Today, I’m off to my last Santa Claus Parade. It’s in Port Hope and I’m not looking forward to it. It’s bloody cold out today. Technically, it’s only -4 but the wind chill is to -14. Ew.
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