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A good parade.

I just got back from our last Santa Claus Parade. It was in Port Hope (an hour east of Toronto). It was so much fun.
For starters, it was only about 30 minutes. That alone makes it much better as your arms are still attached at the end. Also, the crowd there was really into it. I was told by my group that Port Hope is home to many lesbians, but I didn’t see any myself. I was concentrating too hard on twirling. I take my job very seriously. Although this time, I was so used to the routine that I didn’t have to count anymore and started singing along and enjoying myself more. I wasn’t quite at the level that one of the other twirlers is at as she can twirl and wave simultaneously. I cannot. I tried. But at least I didn’t drop my flag today.
Then after the parade as we were taking down the truck, fans were walking by and telling us that we were the only reason they come to the parade year after year! Isn’t that sweet? And apparently, they love us even more during the Canada Day parade. Brampton has already booked us again for next year.
I’m waiting for groupies. Once I’ve reached the point where I’m marching down the road doing my routine and women start running onto the parade route to kiss me, I’ll know I’ve made it.
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