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Scrabble dominance.

Yesterday’s Scrabble club went very well. The first game, I didn’t get any seven letter words, but my opponent had crappy letters so she didn’t either. I won 328 – 240. And she was fun to play because she was chatty. I don’t like playing the serious, hard core Scrabblers.
The second game, I had brilliant letters at opportune times and won 424 – 365. I have NEVER scored over 400 at the club so that was very satisfying. I played two seven letter words: FOLDERS & STRAINER.
Now the pressure was on. One of the statistics they keep is how many nights you were undefeated. I have never been undefeated. 😦
My opponent was our resident senior (she’s 90+). I have played her twice before – she won once and I won once. She also had won her first two games and was going for a undefeated night.
In the end, she won by eight points! And really, she doesn’t add well, so there were about three turns where she had miscalculated her own score, short-changing herself, and I corrected her. I’m so honest. That’s likely where those eight points came from. I only played one seven letter word that game: GRINNERS. I also had REBUILT but nowhere to put it so I had to settle for BUILD. beh.
On another topic: my co-worker has a friend who does excellent art. It has just the right level of creepy. I know many of you will appreciate his darkness – especially Jenn and the wtb. He designed my co-worker’s wedding invitation and it was so awesome, I scrapbooked it. Here’s his website: www.jszuc.com – go look and support a local artist.
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  1. Adele
    December 7, 2005 at 9:52 pm

    That artwork is fantastic! Oh, to have the cash to be able to purchase a print of Digital Jesus or Lego Land. It reminds me of a piece of work by an Edmonton artist (whose name is eluding me…guehh…but he was in the Fine Arts program with Hallsy) that my friend\’s mom and I had a silent auction bidding war on. Sadly she won. But this artist was great, he had all these little surprises in his paintings, like the still life fruit that had shadows with waving cartoon hands or a red semi truck and/or a cow floating through space. Oh, the luv.Oh, and the stick-goats!

  2. S
    December 10, 2005 at 9:18 am

    There\’s an artist working at the coffee shop that does some work that the wtb just loves. She hangs her stuff in the coffeeshop and the owner lets her sell them (for a commission though of course). Anyway, she had a series of really creepy children on display last year and I commissioned a special one, with long red hair and horns for the wtb\’s christmas present. That\’s all the artwork I\’ve ever purchased. Otherwise, the last thing I purchased was a Star Wars poster…

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