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I’m a Great Boss.

I got an email today from Monster.ca. Apparently, someone on my team completed the ‘rate your boss’ questionnaire and scored me high enough to make the 2005 list of "Great Bosses".
Don’t get too excited though as:
1. I am no longer their boss. In the latest office re-organisation, my staff (or my ‘posse’ as like to call them) were given to Allison. I now am only the boss of me. And quite frankly, I’m a difficult employee to manage.
2. That particular list is for Ontario only and there are over 500 people on it. Of course, it’s alphabetical, so I’m near the bottom.
3. They didn’t fill it out sincerely – they were just sucking up. And trying to be elegible for the year’s salary you could win for filling it out.
But they did spell my name correctly. 🙂
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