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Scrabble Victory

Going into Scrabble Club yesterday, I had a 23% win percentage. The lowest in the club. It was a very sad thing for someone as competitive as I am. Oddly, my rating was still over 1300 (and, yes, that’s down from being over 1400 a month ago… I am perfectly aware of that. grrr.)
Anyway, for the night’s three games: I lost the first one and won the last two (scoring over 400 points in the last game). My point differential for the night was only -2! That makes me so happy. Two weeks ago, my differential was something like -400. Yikes.
In other news, do you remember me ranting about Cyndi Lauper playing two concerts out in the boonies, but none in Toronto? Turns out, she’s playing in Toronto on Dec 6th (with Sandra Bernhard). Yay! Of course I found out two weeks after the tickets went on sale, but the concert is in Massey Hall, which doesn’t look big enough to have really bad seats. Kind of like the Winspear.
Oh – and Anna: Cyndi Lauper is from the 80’s. She sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". (I have to tell Anna this because her fiance took her to Erasure this summer and she didn’t know who they were.  I know Erasure. I love Erasure. Her fiance should have taken me!)
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