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I’m turning into my mother, but taller.

In our office, we have a large mostly empty room. Sometimes we receive shipped items there. Sometimes we pack up our inspection units there. Sometimes Dave creates beautiful wooden furniture there.
But every lunchtime, we play table tennis there. yeah, baby.
Anyway, one of the major hassels of table tennis is when the ball gets away from us and ends up rolling along the wall where the dust bunnies are. Then we have to blow on the ball or wipe it on our shirts or something just as icky to clean it off.
Yesterday, I decided to be proactive and sweep the dust bunnies out. When I was finished, the floor was brilliantly clean.
Then I noticed the walls.
For some reason, there are footprints all along the walls from the floor up to about knee or waist height. It’s driving me nuts and I wanted to get a rag and wash them down. Unfortunately, Dave says that washing the walls won’t help unless you use a sand blaster. Essentially, we’ll have to repaint the walls.
There are 20′ ceilings in that room. It’s huge and concrete. It’s not an easy job to paint those walls.
But they are so dirty…
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  1. Jenn
    November 9, 2005 at 4:24 pm

    do a paint bomb and splatter it all at once!

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