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Morning show trauma.

When I first moved to Toronto, I listened to 99.9 MixFM in the morning when my radio alarm went off. They had Carla Collins as the host. It is generally rare to find a female morning host who is the main dj – not just a sidekick. And even her three sidekicks were hilarious so it worked well. I enjoyed them very much.
Then she left the show, and her sidekicks with her, and they replaced her with Humble & Fred. Humble & Fred had this very American sounding show. I hear it a lot when I go to the states for business and listen to a morning show there. It’s low key but juvenile and usually insulting to someone. I stopped listening.
Shortly thereafter, I found JACKFM. As they were just starting up, they didn’t have any dj’s at all. Just music and the occasional commercial. And they played a lot of great 80’s tunes. When it came time to add a morning dj, they added Rob Christie. Oddly enough, I remember Rob Christie from when I was a kid in Edmonton, listening to 630 CHED (when it was still a music station). His morning show on JACK wasn’t too bad but wasn’t brilliant until they started adding some sidekicks. One of the sidekicks they added was Deb Pierce. She was very funny as a sidekick. Then later, I found out she was also Dirk Pierce, a local drag king who does a very impressive and funny Anne Murray performance. So not only was it a good morning show, it had some community.
Then she left the show for reasons unknown and it was just a bunch of guys. Now, normally I don’t mind a bunch of guys, but I do have to say that the entire tone of the morning show changed at that point. It’s a completely different dynamic with just guys and I was really not impressed.
At this point, I went to 95.3, the NEW Country, based out of Hamilton. Their morning show had Stu and Colleen. And sometimes, Colleen’s dad. I really enjoyed them. Then about a month or so ago, they too left. Now there’s this immature idiot named Mookie.
So for a bit, I went back to Humble & Fred, Apparently, Humble or Fred (it really doesn’t matter which one) left the show and there’s only one left. Meh. Still not good but at least they have a female sidekick and the music is ok.
Then, while flipping stations looking for a good song, I chanced upon the easy listening station (a different easy listening station than the one I listen to at work and was blogging about earlier). Lo & behold! There’s Stu and Colleen! YAY! I so love them.
I’ve been listening for about a week now. I love the talk, but I just can’t handle the music. It’s ok when flipping through stations looking for a good song – sometimes they will have one, but to listen to all that bad music during the long drive into work is positively PAINFUL.
Now what? And, Jenn, don’t suggest CBCRadio. I’ll have orthodontic flashbacks.
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  1. Jenn
    November 9, 2005 at 4:23 pm

    Awww come on! CBC isn\’t THAT bad! Have you heard the show GO! or the new DNTO ("new" as in since Nora Young left?)? I can\’t stand Stuart MacLean, but most of the rest of the weekend is fine by me – comedy, science, news, politics. I know, I can\’t convince you to even sample the weekends, but GO! is totally our generation.You could start listening to the BBC online (burn the shows onto CD and listen to them on the commute). There are some amazingly funny shows on their archives! Plus some awesome tunes. I love the Brits.It is so sad that the centre of the universe is a black hole when it comes to good radio.

  2. S
    November 9, 2005 at 7:09 pm

    Burning them onto CD won\’t help. I don\’t have a CD player in my car. My car was purchased during the tape deck technology.

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