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Neglecting you again…

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been sick for the last week and working long hours. Combine the two and it results in me falling down when I get home. I didn’t even go to Scrabble club last week!
In fact, I realized how long it had been since I got on my computer at home last night – when I turned the beast on, it told me that daylight savings was over and asked if i wanted to reset the clock.
I am back to a full schedule now so I should be able to find something to write about. In fact, last night we had ROTC practice OUTSIDE. For those of you not in Toronto, the weather has been hot (for November) but the wind yesterday was of Wizard of Oz proportions. It’s very hard to march while twirling a flag in the face of 80kph winds. I’m sure it ripped the flag from my hands too often for the taste of the guy marching behind me. Luckily, he has quick reflexes.
We took a team picture that will be posted on the website, I think. When it is, I’ll try to get it on here. We all look very cute in our flashy red waistcoats and santa claus hats.
Also, since I have your attention, here is my question for the day:
When I was young, I kept journals. I always expected that my mother would find them and read them, so I censored what I wrote a bit to compensate. Here, in this blog, I still censor some of what I write because I would write about work stuff, but co-workers read it and I’m sometimes privy to things not everyone should be. (And, no, that doesn’t mean I’m important, it means I’m the one with the best spelling ability so I am the official writer-downer. And yes, that’s my official title "Writer-Downer" – it’s on my business cards.)
Anyway, I ask you: Is there anywhere you have a record of your truly UNCENSORED thoughts in writing? Or is there someone that will always get your completely UNCENSORED opinions?
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  1. Jenn
    November 7, 2005 at 10:10 am

    Excellent question.As you know I have two blogs – one that my family can read and one they cannot, because they do not have the address or link. And because I know they are not computer savvy, I do not expect them to find it any time soon, nor do I expect them to even look for it. Becasue the major cause of my angst is my family, the second blog is where I get to write uncensored. It is bitter in some respects and downright honest in others especially when it comes to entries about my spoiled rotten sister and her whiney ass husband. I don\’t care if anyone else reads these thoughts and really I don\’t care if my family stumbles onto the other blog one day. Maybe I want them to find it anyway so they can SEE what I have been trying to tell them for years!The point is, you can always password a blog for your own use (only contacts can read it and only by invitation, for example), you can lock fileson your personal computer so they cannont be opened by anyone without a password, or you can hide a journal under the eaves of your house – or maybe not now that I have written it!Uncensored thoughts are like keys for your mind – recording them unlocks parts that have been holding you back from great things (that is the overall \’you\’ not you specifically). Journalling is a very popular technique among behavioural psychologists and other assorted shrinks. It doesn\’t seem like it should DO much, but it does!

  2. S
    November 7, 2005 at 10:58 am

    but was your comment here uncensored? he he. i would guess not.

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