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and really…

November 30, 2005 2 comments
does anyone actually expect the outcome of this election to be any different than the last one?
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my mistake.

November 30, 2005 Leave a comment
Apparently, he isn’t having a common vote – he wants a ‘free’ vote. So the government can vote their conscience on the issue. That’s so much better. A white, male, heterosexual minority hoping to garner popularity from their constituents gets to decide my rights.
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Damned Harper!

November 30, 2005 Leave a comment
On the way into work today, I hear that Stephen Harper, if elected, is going to put the same-sex marriage issue to a common vote.
Does anyone see the logic of letting the majority decide what rights a minority group has?
If this is becoming governmental practice, I propose that all people should vote to decide whether or not we tax blue eyed people. And put a double tax on blue eyed people over 45.
I just read an interview with Jamie Foxx in my December issue of O (the Oprah magazine). He was talking about the racism he faced in Texax in the 70’s. He said, "I can’t imagine why people got so angry that I was born black." You said it. (But substitute ‘black’ with ‘gay’.)
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A list for tuesday.

November 29, 2005 3 comments
I was originally going to write a little blog about things that annoy me. This was likely due to the fact that I was pre-menstrual. (Yes, even though I’m uterus-free, I still get the emotional pms symptoms.But it’s trickier because there’s no flow, so sometimes it takes me longer to realize my anger is hormone-related as opposed to being righteous indignation.) Also, things were annoying me: the lack of organization at my twirling group (I love the group but they are so organizationally incompetant – it’s of Aquarian proportions!), the fact that two out of six of my preset radio stations have been playing christmas music for the last week, and I had to drive and try to park downtown on Sunday. Don’t get me started on Toronto driving/parking.
However, once I realized that these were small potatoes and that I’m sure people would rather hear about positive, spiritually uplifting things, I decided to write a little blog about things that please me and make me smile:
1. The song ‘You’re Beautiful’. And it’s actually playing on the radio right now, so it’s almost prophetic.
2. The wtb, even when we’re on a break.
3. My awesome parents and brother. (and other miscellaneous relatives and friends)
4. The security of having new tires on my car for winter.
5. The fact that my boss pretty much allows me to come and go as I darn well please.
6. Playing snood even though I’ve been playing the same game for six years.
7. The fact it’s a month before Christmas and it’s +14 degrees outside.
8. My flannel sheets (even though the wtb’s hairs get stuck in them for months.. or maybe because of that).
9. A completed scrapbook page.
10. Fresh date squares from the coffee shop.
11. Books.
12. Uniball Vision pens. Size: fine, colour: blue. And I’d like if I got some in my christmas stocking. 😉
13. The fact I’ve completed my Christmas cards for this year and can mail them this weekend.
14. Scrabble.
15. The merengue (hard to believe, but it’s true).
And there are millions more, but I have to get back to work now.
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I’m a princess?

November 26, 2005 Leave a comment
Believe it or not, I took the "what kind of princess are you" quiz.
Here’s my result:

The Warrior Princess You are strong, courageous, and dynamic, a woman of
action. You have an iron will and a sharp
tongue. Indecisive, weak, or wishy-washy people
test your patience. You tend to grow bored
quickly and yearn for excitement. Role Models: Brunhilde/The Valkyries, Xena You are most likely to: Lead your people to victory
against an army of orcs.

What Kind of Princess are You? – Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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I’m officially old.

November 25, 2005 Leave a comment
Although my eyes are mostly fine, I am having trouble with the small fonts on my laptop. My eyes get sore by the end of the day. At my last eye doc appt, he suggested….. reading glasses!
So here I sit with reading glasses. Sigh.
My laptop seems easier to read, but now I’m having issues looking down at my keyboard. How do the elderly manage!?
PS: Hugh says I look smarter. And you know what? I feel very more smart.
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The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

November 24, 2005 2 comments
Lorraine sent me a couple of photos from the parade in Brampton. Here’s one. Note I look fairly happy as it’s early in the route. Had this photo been taken 20 minutes later, it would be a different story. I’ll send more photos, if I get any.
And for anyone who wants to see this spectacle in person, we are doing the Aurora parade on Saturday and the Weston parade on Sunday.
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