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Scary Scrabble encounter.

On my way to scrabble club, there was an accident at the intersection. I was the first person in the left turn lane. The police officer told me to stop and wait. So, being the obedient child my mother raised, I waited. And waited.
The gentleman behind me, was not pleased to wait. He honked at me. Then he honked again. After about 10 minutes of this, I waved my hand in a way that said "no, I’m not going". No, I did not use only one finger – I have a little class.
Finally he decides that he really can’t wait anymore. He gets out of his SUV to come talk to me. He tells me to pull up so he can pull a u-turn. This would put me in the intersection where cars are driving in the opposite direction. I say, no. He tells me again. I say, no. He is very mad but goes back to his SUV.
The fine police officer saw the exchange and walks by my car asking what happened. I say, "he wanted me to pull up so he could pull a u-turn". Then the officer went and ‘spoke’ with the driver. He he. I didn’t hear what he said, but it ended with "law-abiding citizens". That would be me: law-abiding citizen.
In total, we were stuck there for half an hour. Then the accident was cleared up and we were allowed to go. I had visions of him following me to scrabble and attacking me in the parking lot, and me with nothing to defend myself  but my OSPD3 (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, 3rd Ed).
I’ll be more prepared for a violent scrabble encounter next time – I’ll bring my OSPD4. It has 4,000 more words, so I imagine it will pose a bigger threat than the OSPD3.
Scrabble itself went fine. I lost 2 out of 3 games again, but played BITUMEN. And I found out that my rating is 1462. Not sure how my rating got so high with a 2-5 record, but I suppose it’s due to the fact that these people are word experts, not math experts.
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    October 14, 2005 at 9:33 am


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