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Three blogs in one.

Blog 1: Postal Infuriation
I ordered some kickboxing strike pads off ebay. They are normally very expensive and I got them for a very reasonable amount. Also, they were from a Canadian supplier so I didn’t have to pay any international shipping or customs fees.
As I am never home during the day, I told the seller to ship them to my work address. This saves me getting that little "we missed you" delivery notice and having to go to the post office in the mall to pick the package up.
Today, our accountant brought me a little "we missed you" delivery notice. Apparently, they tried to deliver at work, but not hard enough to actually find someone in the building to give the package to. I have to go to the mall to pick the package up. Ugh.
Blog 2: Cool Weather
I have to say, I really enjoy this October weather – it’s brisk. I love it.
You don’t sweat for just breathing. You can wear a jacket and gloves and be comfortable. I can leave a glass of water in my car in the morning and it still tastes refreshing when I get back in my car in the afternoon. I don’t have to scrape the windshield, nor do I need air conditioning. In fact,  I’m going to wear a sweater to work tomorrow.
Although, the a/c is still on at work and it’s -10 deg in my office. Maybe I’ll wear my snowsuit.
Blog 3: Mikey
Mikey is a co-worker. He’s awesome. He is very laid back and has the best sense of humour. And good thing for him because the funniest things happen in his life.
Just today, he was telling me about his support call to Bell. His high speed internet has not been working for a month so he called to find out what happened. After some troubleshooting, the Bell technician admitted it was a problem at the Bell end, but told Mike they wouldn’t fix it until 100,000 people had complained. Mikey asked if he should call 99,999 more times. The tech suggested he email their customer support. Mike reminded the tech that his email wasn’t working because the internet was down and maybe he should switch to dial-up. The tech said that Mike could switch to dial-up but it would be slower than DSL. Mike replied the tech he had no working DSL, so really, slow would be faster than zero. Much more hilarity ensued.
In the end, they gave him two months of free internet connection. Not sure if they fixed it though. Could be two free months of nothing.
By the way, I could write a blog a day just on whatever happened to Mikey the night before. Maybe I will. The chronicles of his drunk neighbour would fill at least two days per week.
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