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Infected face.

As you may recall, I got six stitches in my head in August. The wtb took them out in early September and we doused the area in rubbing alcohol to avert infection.
This weekend, the bottom of the stitched region began to get red and swell up. And it hurt like a sonofagun to touch. The wtb was getting a little worried. She told me to get it checked out. I said I would if it got worse. It got worse. I went to bed last night unable to lie on that side of my face. I decided I would call my doctor to get it checked out in the morning.
This morning, I woke up, showered and inspected the infected region in the mirror. As it turns out, it was a garden variety pimple. I popped it, coated it in polysporin and moved on.
Can you imagine if I had called my doctor because I had a pimple? Although while I was there, I could have gotten her to check out this hangnail…
(And aren’t you all grateful I didn’t have a photo to accompany this blog?)
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