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They must be desperate…

During my co-worker’s Catholic wedding, the aged priest was having some difficulties. I would call him senile, but I think calling a priest senile is a venial sin. Anyway, the reason I think this is that he missed a line in the Lord’s Prayer. I haven’t been to church in six years and I still remember the Lord’s prayer. This priest must say it at least five times a week (even more if he dutifully says his rosary…) and he still forgot a line. Or he was in a rush and was trying to hurry the service along a bit.
Oh – and while administering the eucharist to the bride and groom, he dropped it on the floor. I know I’m not an expert in Catholic doctrine, but I know that’s bad. Had I been sitting closer, I would have heroically launched into an end zone dive to catch it before it hit the floor, but I was much too far away. I spoke to the bride on Friday and asked if she thought that dropping Jesus on the floor was a bad omen for her marriage and she said that it didn’t seem to be a big deal. Apparently, even the eucharist follows the five second rule so the groom ate it.
Anyway, less than two weeks later, the Church announces that gay men can now become priests (provided they have been celebate for three years prior). They must have needed a younger ministry – one with better hands and only the gay boys, having never played sports, qualify.
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