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I suck.

I went to my Scrabble club yesterday and played three games. The first two games weren’t that bad. I started off winning both of them. Halfway through the first game, I was winning 174-154. Halfway through the second game, I was winning 204-165. Then something went horribly awry and I wound up losing the first game 264-291 and the second game 312-336. Sad, but not terrible.
For the last game, I played a 14 year old. He was terribly shy and had difficulty adding up his scores, but he had excellent word knowledge. Sort of. I played SPORRAN (using all 7 letters) and he almost challenged it. After the game, he went to check if it was a real word. Apparently, he doesn’t read Diana Gabaldon’s bodice rippers or he’d know what Scottish Highlanders were wearing in the 1700’s while they ravished their women.
Anyway, he played the wackiest words: AG, AL, ED, KEF, INIA. And the worst one was MOOL. MOOL! I had to challenge that one. Unfortunately, it was a good word. I’d love to tell you what it means, but it’s not a word according to dictionary.com.
Prior to playing me, this kid hadn’t won a single game. Then he beat me 258-377.
I have got to start memorizing the 2’s and 3’s… knowing big words like SPORRAN isn’t getting me anywhere. Either that or I’m simply not geeky enough to be a clubber.
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  1. Jenn
    October 1, 2005 at 10:10 am

    I only know mool as a sikh word to do with prayer. It\’s like knowing what Baghavad means. I don\’t really KNOW, I just have a vague idea where it comes from.I guess that doesn\’t help you much.I think you did rather well actually. Maybe you just haven\’t fully explored your geeky side, or your geekiness is underdeveloped. Keep working at it. You\’ll get there.

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