I went to physio again today. My shoulder is still whacked. It doesn’t seem to be getting better and I have to start playing soccer again on Monday. That is not going to help. And what’s worse is that the other shoulder is starting to hurt again too. That’s just wrong. And I have to stop the physio after next week because my benefits run out. Sigh.
The ankle injury I got at the Kicks for Cancer tournament in August doesn’t seem to be getting any better either. I haven’t even started treatment on that. I like to see if things heal on their own before I go spending money on health care. After all, I have better things to spend my hard earned cash on… like Scrabble timers.
And my fingers are destroyed from being a soccer goalie, but I’d put their current health level at 80%. That’s the best it has been in 5 years. My fingers are really my primary concern (and the wtb’s).
Oh and I’m not sure what happened on Monday morning:
Sunday was sheer anarchy –  the wtb and I were recovering from dance class Friday night and dancing at a wedding on Saturday night by walking around the gaybourhood Sunday morning and then following that up with a Salsa class. Walking back to the car afterwards was sheer torture. My entire body was in pain and I was barely able to walk the 30 minutes back to the car. The wtb suggested we take the subway, but I couldn’t even handle the THOUGHT of going up and down the stairs.
Consequently, I slept really well on Sunday night, but when I awoke Monday morning, I had no equilibrium. I got out of bed and instead of walking directly forward to the bathroom, I walked directly sideways into the wall beside the bed. My sinuses hurt all day and today, my ears hurt. I’m thinking it’s a sinus thing. At worst, an ear infection. Either way, I’m hurting.
Is this all due to old age?
PS: Even though I was totally exhausted on Sunday night when I dropped the wtb off at her apartment, I saw that she was exhausted too, so I generously walked her dog for her. And just my luck, the first time I ever walk the damn dog, it leaves the most waste product I’ve ever seen it leave AND it went twice on the walk, instead of the usual once. Either I love the wtb a lot or that knock I took on my head last month was worse than we thought…
  1. Jenn
    September 27, 2005 at 10:49 pm

    Gee Sonya. I hope you are feeling better soon. Sinus infections are a total bitch.

  2. C
    September 28, 2005 at 11:35 am

    They are going around, I\’ve had people calling in sick all over the place. It can really affect your balance too. Hope that your feeling better soon.

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