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She’s everywhere!

I dropped my parents off at the airport today. They are gone and I won’t see them again until christmas.
Since they had been sleeping in my bad (and maybe even having parental sex in it, which I don’t even want to think about), I threw the sheets in the laundry hamper. The clean sheets I put on my bed are my flannel winter sheets that I haven’t used since the cat started to live with me (back in September 2004, perhaps). When the cat moved in, I washed them and put them away.
While putting them on the bed today, I noticed a long, curly, red hair. Not mine. It belongs to the wtb.
Then I noticed another long, curly, red hair. And another, and another. And another.
In fact, there were over 30 long, curly, red hairs in my sheets.
Now, I personally don’t mind finding long, curly, red hairs in my sheets, but am thinking that if I ever date someone else after the wtb, my new gf will not be pleased to find these reminders.
I rather suspect this was the wtb’s evil plan the whole time…
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