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I have rhythm… sort of.

On Friday, I picked up the wtb and we had dinner at the Cafe Next Door on the Danforth. Our favourite menu item is the breakfast panini (it’s not just for breakfast). It is egg, ham, cheese and a delicious sauce on a toasted panini. We had some panini issues a few months ago when they changed the ham from a store-bought ham to an in-house, smoked ham. I didn’t notice the change but the ever-particular wtb noticed right away.  When we went on Friday, they told us that they switched back to the store-bought ham because many customers had complained about the new stuff. "Yay!" says the wtb.
Unfortunately, they DID switch the sauce from whatever it was before to a garlic sauce. It still tasted lovely, but now we had garlic breath… and a ballroom dance class an hour later. Dancing with strangers and having garlic breath is not a good idea.
We went to dance class and foxtrotted (foxtrotted  is an acceptable Scrabble word) and learned to cha cha (not an acceptable Scrabble word). The cha cha is very hard.
The wtb and I are attending one of my co-worker’s wedding in two weeks. We figure we’ll try out our foxtrot there. The co-worker said she’d tell the d.j. to play a foxtrot, which is great, but we aren’t sure we’ll be able to recognise a foxtrot when it’s played.
Hopefully, they won’t have garlic on the menu.
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  1. Kenny
    September 16, 2005 at 9:51 am

    what is a wtb ,,,,,,,,great space you have here i was just passing by

  2. S
    September 19, 2005 at 7:47 pm

    wtb is my girlfriend. and thanks!

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