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I suck.

September 30, 2005 1 comment
I went to my Scrabble club yesterday and played three games. The first two games weren’t that bad. I started off winning both of them. Halfway through the first game, I was winning 174-154. Halfway through the second game, I was winning 204-165. Then something went horribly awry and I wound up losing the first game 264-291 and the second game 312-336. Sad, but not terrible.
For the last game, I played a 14 year old. He was terribly shy and had difficulty adding up his scores, but he had excellent word knowledge. Sort of. I played SPORRAN (using all 7 letters) and he almost challenged it. After the game, he went to check if it was a real word. Apparently, he doesn’t read Diana Gabaldon’s bodice rippers or he’d know what Scottish Highlanders were wearing in the 1700’s while they ravished their women.
Anyway, he played the wackiest words: AG, AL, ED, KEF, INIA. And the worst one was MOOL. MOOL! I had to challenge that one. Unfortunately, it was a good word. I’d love to tell you what it means, but it’s not a word according to
Prior to playing me, this kid hadn’t won a single game. Then he beat me 258-377.
I have got to start memorizing the 2’s and 3’s… knowing big words like SPORRAN isn’t getting me anywhere. Either that or I’m simply not geeky enough to be a clubber.
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Apologies from a worker bee.

September 29, 2005 1 comment
Just wanted to drop a quick note to all you people who normally receive copious amounts of email communications from me, but now do not.
The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy at work (where I usually email, he he) and I have had no time whatsoever. I see no sign of it getting less busy, so I’ll continue to neglect you for a while. But once things settle down and I establish a new routine, I’ll pay more attention to you. Promise.
PS: Originally, ‘bee’ in the subject line was a different word (starts with ‘wh’ and rhymes with ‘more’) but the msn censors cracked the whip and said I couldn’t use it. So know that I was edgier in my literary efforts and was thwarted by the corporation.
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September 27, 2005 2 comments
I went to physio again today. My shoulder is still whacked. It doesn’t seem to be getting better and I have to start playing soccer again on Monday. That is not going to help. And what’s worse is that the other shoulder is starting to hurt again too. That’s just wrong. And I have to stop the physio after next week because my benefits run out. Sigh.
The ankle injury I got at the Kicks for Cancer tournament in August doesn’t seem to be getting any better either. I haven’t even started treatment on that. I like to see if things heal on their own before I go spending money on health care. After all, I have better things to spend my hard earned cash on… like Scrabble timers.
And my fingers are destroyed from being a soccer goalie, but I’d put their current health level at 80%. That’s the best it has been in 5 years. My fingers are really my primary concern (and the wtb’s).
Oh and I’m not sure what happened on Monday morning:
Sunday was sheer anarchy –  the wtb and I were recovering from dance class Friday night and dancing at a wedding on Saturday night by walking around the gaybourhood Sunday morning and then following that up with a Salsa class. Walking back to the car afterwards was sheer torture. My entire body was in pain and I was barely able to walk the 30 minutes back to the car. The wtb suggested we take the subway, but I couldn’t even handle the THOUGHT of going up and down the stairs.
Consequently, I slept really well on Sunday night, but when I awoke Monday morning, I had no equilibrium. I got out of bed and instead of walking directly forward to the bathroom, I walked directly sideways into the wall beside the bed. My sinuses hurt all day and today, my ears hurt. I’m thinking it’s a sinus thing. At worst, an ear infection. Either way, I’m hurting.
Is this all due to old age?
PS: Even though I was totally exhausted on Sunday night when I dropped the wtb off at her apartment, I saw that she was exhausted too, so I generously walked her dog for her. And just my luck, the first time I ever walk the damn dog, it leaves the most waste product I’ve ever seen it leave AND it went twice on the walk, instead of the usual once. Either I love the wtb a lot or that knock I took on my head last month was worse than we thought…

Dancing queen.

September 27, 2005 Leave a comment
On Saturday, the wtb and I attended my co-worker’s wedding. It gave us an opportunity to try out the dance moves we have been learning in our Friday night ballroom dance class. So far, we have learned to foxtrot and cha cha. But only two classes’ worth.
The first couple of songs played were slow and we were able to foxtrot to them. It was very impressive. So much more so than the usual ‘hug and sway’ technique we usually employ. I felt like such an adult. The only bad part is that the wtb did not trust that I wouldn’t lead her into other couples on the floor, so she kept turning to look behind her as we navigated the dance floor. It was very insulting.
The cha cha was more difficult as the music was a little too fast for our abilities and I know I lost the beat once or twice. I suspect she did too (although she’ll never admit it).
On Sunday, we started our first Salsa class. Very exciting. Sadly, we don’t have another wedding scheduled in the near future to test out our progress. Maybe next year…
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For the geeks out there.

September 21, 2005 2 comments
Because there seems to be a lot of excitement about the scrabble tournament timer (refer to previous blog comment stream), I have decided to give you the link to the preferred timer: the Adjudicator 3000.
Now you can experience it in its fullest.
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She’s everywhere!

September 20, 2005 Leave a comment
I dropped my parents off at the airport today. They are gone and I won’t see them again until christmas.
Since they had been sleeping in my bad (and maybe even having parental sex in it, which I don’t even want to think about), I threw the sheets in the laundry hamper. The clean sheets I put on my bed are my flannel winter sheets that I haven’t used since the cat started to live with me (back in September 2004, perhaps). When the cat moved in, I washed them and put them away.
While putting them on the bed today, I noticed a long, curly, red hair. Not mine. It belongs to the wtb.
Then I noticed another long, curly, red hair. And another, and another. And another.
In fact, there were over 30 long, curly, red hairs in my sheets.
Now, I personally don’t mind finding long, curly, red hairs in my sheets, but am thinking that if I ever date someone else after the wtb, my new gf will not be pleased to find these reminders.
I rather suspect this was the wtb’s evil plan the whole time…
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Geek King

September 16, 2005 6 comments
I went to my first Scrabble club meeting yesterday. Essentially, people get together and play three games of Scrabble. They follow tournament rules and even use a timer. It’s very serious.
Since I arrived late (hard to believe, I know, but I got terribly lost and was walking around in the bushes for 45 minutes before I found the place), I arrived during the first game. I quietly observed.
The games I watched were being played by people who were creating 7-letter words all over the place. It was very intimidating. I started reading the information flyers and player standings and things of that nature. No one on the standings list was rated lower than 1100.  I also watched the second game (but of someone who was attending his first meeting). That was less intimidating.
Then, the third game, I played. And I won 357 – 339. Yeah, baby.
I’m so incredibly brilliant.
Then I went home to discover that I taped the wrong channel and therefore instead of taping the season premiere of survivor, I taped 3/4 of the season finale of CSI.
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