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The lesser of two evils.

The wtb’s parents did a wonderful job, through intent, skill or just blind luck, of raising a human being that I love dearly. She’s an amazing woman on so many levels, it is impossible to list them all. [Aside: I bet she would want me to list them all though.]
And yet, I cannot decide which parent is my preferred wtb parental obligation:
Her father is a born-again christian. He loves the wtb (and visibly demonstrates this through various fatherly statements and actions) but does believe she is need of spiritual re-alignment before she will be allowed eternal salvation. Being her partner, I, too, need some spiritual re-alignment. I also need a haircut, but that’s neither here nor there.
While visiting him last week, he only suggested that the wtb get a real job (she works for a children’s book publisher), that my issues with the translation of the bible he gave me were based on my poor lifestyle behaviours – not the translation, and that allowing same-sex marriages was an example of how crazy society has become. Then we had to sit and listen to some very racially offensive jokes from his foster son.
On the plus side, I think he likes me personally as he has suggested I become a foster parent, did come and visit me in the hospital, and also insisted on a hug before I left on Sunday.
Her mother, on the other hand, doesn’t think I’m going to hell. Or if she does, she keeps it to herself.
Her mother also appeals to my virgosity as she is tidy, clean and purges excess household items well. Unfortunately, she usually tries to purge them in the wtb’s direction. She also bought the wtb a paper shredder for her birthday, which is a horrible gift choice for the wtb, but an excellent gift choice for me. We kept the shredder at my place for several months before our break up. Then it went back to the wtb’s house with her food processor, clothes, toothbrush and squawky cat. Although we are kind of reconciled (enough for me to accompany her to her dad’s, but not enough to buy wedding cake toppers), only the toothbrush has returned to my house.
This weekend, the mother wanted to go out with the wtb and her sister, but we already had plans so we offered to meet them for dinner afterward. Mother was not amused and cancelled everything because:
(a) the wtb did not change plans from attending a once-a-year event to attending an event that is available year round, and
(b) the wtb invited me along.
To my recollection, I have never been invited to the mother’s home or along on an outing. But she does give me gas money when I do visit.
I’m conflicted: a politically-incorrect father who treats me well but thinks I’m destined for eternal damnation versus a politically-correct, virgo mother who seems to dislike me.
By the way, have I mentioned how much I love my own parents?
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