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And it’s FREE! (that’s less than a dollar)

The wtb has been trying to convince me to get a library card since I met her. It’s part of the Guelph hippy plan to convert me to a Value Village shopper. I think my reluctance has to do with bad memories of going to the Edmonton Public Library in 1988 with Fanny and Bash to borrow books for our King Lear essays. The evil librarian publicly reprimanded us for trying to borrow so many King Lear texts and made us put some back. So much for the pursuit of higher intellect in a conservative, red neck, albertan library. No wonder I left.
Anyway, in an effort to convince me to return to the library system, the wtb has been borrowing books and movies and sharing them with me. She has been largely unsuccessful with the movies because library movies are very lame. They are worse than the dvd’s in WalMart’s $6.99 bin o’ dvd’s. I only watch them because it’s a good excuse to cuddle on the couch. he he.
However, with the books, she has been much more successful. I have quite enjoyed the library books she’s lent me. In fact, I don’t know how she finds all these good books. And many are queer-based books, which I didn’t think the library would condone – especially after the uptight Edmonton Public Library experience.
So now I have a Mississauga library card. I borrowed three books on my first trip. I’ve finished two of them and am working on the third. I also just finished a book that the wtb borrowed from the Toronto Library.
These Guelph hippies may be onto something. But I’m still not going to shop at Value Village. ew.
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