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Donate blood and save lives.

I am donating blood after work today and I’m notoriously iron-deficient when I do this. I find it very stressful when they test my blood for iron content, because if the little drop doesn’t sink in the vial at the right rate, they reject me. I must then walk out of the donor centre while all the other donors look on, knowing that I am deficient and, therefore, a big failure.
It may sound like a bit of an overreaction, I know, but if donating blood saves three people’s lives, did I just kill three people because I did not eat enough spinach this week? You don’t want to take that risk.
Consequently, I take a Stresstab + iron pill at lunch to help out.
And the bonus is that they smell good. Not like ‘vanilla, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or my exgf’ way of smelling good, but in a more ‘star wars action figure fresh from the package’ way.
The anti-bonus is that they make my pee yellow and that, in turn, makes me wonder how much of the vitamins I actually am absorbing. Also, it’s kind of alarming to see that bright yellow colour. Maybe I’ll just flush with my eyes closed.
Anyway, the point of this is to remind you that if you are healthy and not scared of needles, you should go donate some blood. You get free peach drink and cookies and you save three lives. Hopefully, they are cool lives and not homicidal maniacs’ lives though. You don’t get to choose. Shame really.
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  1. Jenn
    August 7, 2005 at 10:27 am

    Well, I know that at least two people must have donated blood to save me. Sadly, I can\’t return the favour. So, thanks for taking the time and eating the cookie!

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