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EEEEEK – a mouse!

The other day I found a dead mouse in my basement bathroom. I threw it out after taking the necessary hanta virus precautions (ie: wrapping it in an old dish rag while holding my breath).
My first instinct was to ask the exgf for her cat back, but then I realised the mouse was already dead and the cat would only have brought it up to my bedroom like the one he killed a year ago.
And then I wondered if he actually killed that mouse. He may actually have found it dead and pretended it was his kill in an effort to impress me. Oh yes, the big faker. I’m on to him now.
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  1. Jenn
    August 3, 2005 at 11:21 am

    A mouse, you say? Could have been worse. Could have been a squirrel or a gopher…or a BADGER. Now that would have been nasty. Did I ever tell you about the time I was camping at Bloddy Fall and Frodo came up to me all innocent and I reached over to pet her and I touched something cold and slimy and it was the intestine of a hikhik (ground squirrel up north) that was draped around her neck? Now that was disgusting.

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