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Update on Loose Ends

1. I bought three bras last week. I’ve tried them on in the dressing room and they were fine, but after a full day of normal wear, I have decided I don’t like any of them. Now I have to go back to the shopping and trying on stage of the process. Bleh.
2. To overcome the bad coffee situation, I bought an inexpensive coffee maker and am brewing my own coffee in my office. I have to make 17 cups of coffee to make the purchase a better option than buying my coffee from the Horton’s. I’m making them all today to get that out of the way. <Insert maniacal laughter here.>
3. I am in the middle of the interview process to replace the analyst that left. Of 46 applicants, I interviewed 5 and then brought back 3 to be interviewed by the analysis team. I’ll make a decision next week. It’s been a largely boring process. Next time, I’d like to interview circus performers instead of engineers. I bet that would be fun.
4. Apparently the LCBO is not striking. And guests that we were expecting to entertain at my place this weekend may not be coming. So now I have a lot of alcohol to drink. Maybe if I bring back the applicants for another round of interviews, we’ll pass the beers around, the interviews will get more entertaining and we won’t need circus freaks.
Now I must go read ‘Water & Wastes Digest’. Don’t you wish you lived my exciting life?
Damn Klein.
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