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Horton Hears a Hoo

Every day at 2:10, a co-worker goes the Horton’s for a coffee. I accompany him just to go for a walk. I rarely buy anything.
Yesterday was a little chilly in the office so I decided to get a black decaf. For those who know me, they know I do not take my coffee black. A more accurate description would be that I take my creamer beige. My plan was to buy a black decaf, bring it back to the office and put some quality hazelnut creamer in it, which I did.
This coffee, despite the fact it was decaf, was better than our free office coffee… waaaaaaaaaaay better. In fact, they weren’t even comparable.
So now this morning, I’m comtemplating getting my first coffee of the day (of two) and am thinking, ‘I can’t possibly have that crappy coffee again when I know better coffee is only a block away’ however, I am also thinking, ‘I can’t get into the habit of spending $3 a day on coffee’.
What a dilemma.
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