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Hippy for a Weekend

This weekend was the Hillside Festival weekend. The Hillside Festival is a hippy festival in Guelph. This year was the first year that they managed to sell out. Yay for Guelph hippies. My weekend summary:
  1. We planned to get there on the Friday, but the exgf wasn’t ready to go when I got there (of course – darned femmes). So she packed and I msn’d with a crazy friend of hers. Then we were hungry but didn’t feel like cooking, so we went to the mall for msg-free chinese food. Then we were hot and tired and NOT looking forward to driving out of the city with the rest of the people fleeing Toronto for the weekend. So we watched Ladyhawke and went to bed.

    For those of you who don’t know, ‘Ladyhawke’ is a movie that Michelle Pfeiffer did when she was still less famous than Rutger Hauer. I loved it in 1985. As it turns out, it’s a cheesier movie than I remember and the soundtrack by Alan Parsons is laughable when no longer in the 80’s. The lesson to be learned for any filmmakers reading this: use historical music for a historical piece – horses stampeding to guitar rock and synthesizers is just wrong.

  2. On Saturday, we arrived at Hillside and were pleasantly greeted by no lineups in the workshop pass pick-up area. Sadly, they, as per usual, did not have my pass. The exgf was on the list. I was not. They also credited the exgf with my workshop in the programme. I am telling you – they are anti-engineer at this hippy fest!
  3. Once through the gates, we set up our tent – well, not ‘our’ tent – i borrowed it from a co-worker. Anyway, it was at this time that I realized that I had not packed my sleeping bag. This was a disastrous moment. I was a girl guide for 12 years and can pack for a camping trip in my sleep. I have never forgotten something as important as my sleeping bag. How terribly embarrassing!

    That was a miserable night, let me tell you.

  4. Our workshops went well. And the exgf found another jewelery-making hippy to trade wares with. I was looking for someone to trade with, but no one wanted a Ladyhawke DVD.
  5. As we were workshop presenters, we were entitled to free admission to the festival (saved us $60 each), plus free camping on the festival grounds and free parking near our tent. We were also entitled to free food all weekend.

    Eating at the festival was the exact opposite of eating in Texas – in Texas, there were no vegetables and at Hillside, there was no meat. The food was typical hippy fare: tofu, whole grains, beans, salads, natural and organic ingredients in everything, including the vegan carrot cake. But still no meat. The Albertan in me could not handle it and despite the fact that I’m not a Lick’s fan, I had to go to the Lick’s in the public food area to buy the biggest, full-meat burger they had. Something had to be killed for my dinner and it was the cow’s turn.

  6. Saturday was hot, hot, hot. Sunday – not so much. We awoke to overcast skies that opened up into a cold, bitter, rain. In hardy festival manner, we got in the car and drove into the city for lunch at the local bakery (no meat there either, damned Guelph hippies).
  7. The music was generally good, however, I am continually disappointed with the quality of the sound system at outdoor events. People have been doing outdoor concerts for decades – you would think they would have the electronics set up so that you could understand what the singer was saying. I’m sure hippies have something profound to say. 

So all in all, an excellent weekend with the exgf. Now I’m back in the office, eating non-tofu foods and not separating my compost waste from my garbage waste.


And I cannot believe I forgot my sleeping bag. Ugh.

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  1. F
    July 25, 2005 at 9:51 am

    hmmmm I still love Ladyhawke, perhaps its more for sentimental reasons =D

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