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Breast Maintenance

Ok. So I’m carefully examining my favourite bra today, trying to determine whether or not I need to lint brush dog hairs off of it. Do you know what I find? Several tiny holes. In my favourite bra! Can you imagine my horror?
I had about eight bras at one point: some black, some white, one grey. They were awesome – sport bras with an underwire and the best part is that the fabric was not plain cotton, it was a waffle weave. Very sporty, supportive and hardly feminine. I love them so.
Anyway, as I was slowly wearing them out, I had been searching in vain to find replacements. Apparently, the company that makes them, no longer makes them. Nor do they make a similar version. Nor does anyone make a similar version.
I am currently down to four bras: one black, two white (sort of) and one grey. The grey one has the holes, and the underwires are escaping their seams in two others. I must go shopping. Bleh.
Gone are the days that I can sneak my boi self into a walmart, grab the bras off the rack, bury them under something tough like power tools or electronics and quickly motor through the express lane (paying in cash, of course…). I not only have to buy new bras, but now I actually have to try them on first! Oh dykey tragedy!
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  1. Maja
    July 19, 2005 at 12:24 pm

    Alas, i completley understand your horror! I don\’t have a wide array of bras, i gave up that dream years ago when i realized that finding good bras is near to impossible. Well maybe not entirley impossible but i don\’t enjoy the idea of spending $100 for victoria\’s secret. Victoria don\’t have a secret. So i stick to my trusty few that have kept me supported for the last little while, i dread the day when i need to go searching again for that perfect fit.And then there are the little suprises along the way, rips, tears, those infamous little holes that drive us mad, a favorite sewn on flower that became a casualty of the washer. I wonder how much we spend in our lifetimes on these things?I love you blog btw, it\’s great.magical infact.

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