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Work Trip!

I have been absent on the blog here as I was in Texas for work. My humblest apologies to anyone looking to kill time at work by reading it (this means you analysts…)
Anyway, here are a few observations:
There is no Tim Horton’s in Texas. I went without coffee for four days straight (well, again, not technically ‘straight’…). I guess I could have had coffee at the hotel in the morning, but being on-site with a bunch of guys isn’t conducive to taking pee breaks. I went to the restroom (after convincing the security guard at a nearby theatre that I wouldn’t mess it up prior to their production of Moving Out  that evening) twice the entire inspection. For me, that’s impressive. I didn’t see the guys go at all. Curse those guys who don’t need restrooms!
Also of note: I did not eat a single vegetable while down there. Being in the field does not help your diet. But it was 100 deg so I must have sweated out all the Texas calories (most in the form of BBQ’d meat).
We did manage to hit a cajun restaurant while I was there. We sampled their "gator tails". It didn’t taste quite like chicken. Maybe a chicken/fish hybrid.
Our hotel was in a seedy area, consequently, I didn’t get out to see anything. A co-worker suggested that I go visit the piece of road where Kennedy was shot, but I didn’t get around to it. Saw the postcard though. That was like being there, I’m sure. Apparently, there is nothing else to see there.
But I did observe that the guys there seem to spit a lot. And I met what must be a rarity in Texas: a democrat.
Attached are photos to prove I was working. One shows me sitting in the inspection trailor, not looking too busy, but the other shows how dirty I got. The field techs thought that it was pretty entertaining to see management actually get dirty.
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  1. Jenn
    July 18, 2005 at 8:45 pm

    Damn. You went to Texas and I spent the weekend in Cape Breton. It was probably more fun in Cape Breton, but then again, you made more money. I probably had better beer and better weather, but you made more money. I got to stomp around in the Fortress at Louisbourg for five hours, but you apparently got to pee in a theatre and you made more money. I did not make any money this weekend. In fact, I spent a great deal of money on food, beer and gasoline. but I had fun, and I got to pee in an outhouse that had a box of Huggies baby wipes in it for either my ass or my hands – my choice. The coffee was lacking although we did see the world\’s busiest Tim\’s and we ate at the Lick-A-Chick. Crazy times.

  2. S
    July 19, 2005 at 11:57 am

    1. the part of texas i saw was a hole really. not much fun. just regular work fun. i worked 1.5X my usual work day (without extra pay, because as \’management\’ i cannot claim uplift). i did, however, earn a small per diem, which did cover the food costs. so although i didn\’t make money, i didn\’t lose any. :)2. you did have better beer. i just had coors light as i was too cheap to buy the good stuff.3. did you see them fire the cannon at louisbourg (as they ARE a fort with soldiers, unlike ours)? hopefully, you didn\’t have the same crazy volunteer in the bakery was we did. he was scary crazy.4. if the tim\’s you speak of is across from the lick-a-chick, you\’ll be happy to know that you not only saw the world\’s busiest tim\’s, but the one that was a religious pilgrimmage site about five years ago when an image of jesus could be seen in the brickwork on the wall. hallelujah sister!

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