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I started Saturday with a 2.5 hour visit to the local coffee shop where I read all the resumes for the position I posted a week or so ago. That was a lot of resumes to read, each one like the previous one. Only two of them had no errors in the cover letter. That was disheartening, however, one applicant did have that he was a "bearded dragon breeder" on his resume. That’s fascinating, although I’m not sure if the applicant or the dragon is bearded.
Following that, was a trip to the exgf’s for a game of Scrabble. She won, but I helped her. She showed me her rack (of tiles, sadly) and indicated that she felt there was a seven-letter word in there, but just couldn’t find it. So I found it for her: NUTTIEST (using a T already on the board). Not only did she score a ton of points, it was even appropriate!
In the afternoon, we went to a co-worker’s wedding. The wedding was in a church, not unlike McDougall’s church at Fort Edmonton. It was a lovely service and very fast, which was nice as it was likely +40 deg.
We then went to the reception, which was outside at the bride’s mother’s house – a huge house in the bushes with a basketball court, volleyball net, swimming pool and land, lots of land. A tent had been set up in the yard where we had dinner, a slide show and dancing.
The group there from work toyed with the idea of skinny dipping in the pool, but apparently there had not been enough alcohol consumption to get that idea beyond the conception stage.
And yes, it was across from a manure pile. The sign said "Bag your own". We parked near this manure pile and walked up the gravel path to the reception area. As we walked, I noted to the exgf, "I wonder what this is like to drive on in the winter…" At that point, an elderly lady walking in front of us turned around and said to me, "Are you always this practical?". What could we say? We both said, "yes".
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  1. Miss
    July 11, 2005 at 2:06 pm

    Ohhhh….I love the new pic of you and the ex!! :O) With your bangs down, you look more boi-ish. I don\’t know if that was the look you were going for or not…Just an fyi. You look adorable either way.

  2. S
    July 15, 2005 at 12:32 pm

    thank you. i always enjoy a little femme compliment…the hair is down because it was africa hot and i was sweating. ew, says i. looking more boi-ish can likely be attributed to the tie.FYI: the ex and i matched perfectly. what you may not see in the photo is that she has little olive green accents on her shirt that are the exact colour of my shirt. aren\’t we a cute non-couple?

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