My Soccer Game

I got home at 11:30 last night. Our game was in Caledon. Do you know where Caledon is? It’s likely farther from my house than Guelph. You go north on airport road. Then go north some more. Then go so far you think you’ve gone too far. Then go some more. It was pure insanity. Driving an hour out and an hour back for a 1.5 hr soccer game is not fun.
But the field was nice.
It had lights (which I love playing in – it makes me feel like a superstar) and the grass was very short and even, something we don’t get a lot of on the women’s fields.
And the game itself was terribly exciting. We were down 2-0 with about 10 minutes left in the game. (One of those goals was a penalty shot, by the way. They were awarded it when I took down one of their players. The big faker pretended to be hurt, then was subbed back into the game two plays later.)
THEN we scored 3 goals in 5 minutes. So we won 3-2. Hurray! The fans were thrilled. After all, they too had to drive an hour out and an hour back and sit for 1.5 hours in the humidity with the mosquitoes.
Also, I seems to have a blue stain on the front of my left thigh and I have no idea where it came from.
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