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The J & C Connection…

I had a very busy day yesterday. My exgf (yes, exgf AGAIN – sigh) and I went to play Scrabble at the coffee shop. It was the most unsatisfying game we’ve ever played. We quit halfway through. That NEVER happens. Then we came home and we watched the "Angels in America" mini-series. As it was over five hours long, we took several breaks, did laundry, cooked dinner, and did a little kissing. Don’t get excited. We are both single, so we don’t feel there’s a problem. Then we watched "Beauty and the Geek". Why we watch is too complicated to get into. But we do feel there is hope for society when we see it. It’s oddly touching.
Today was also busy. I went and read a bit of my book at the coffee shop. (Yes, the coffee shop makes a lot of money off me – this is why when i showed up without my exgf one weekend when she was ill, they gave me a scone to take home for her for free! They love us. We haven’t told them that we’ve broken up yet. They will be so hurt.) Anyway, then I went to Staples to buy some binders and folders, followed by 7.75 hrs of organizing my office. Keep in mind my normal work day is only 7 hrs. I have been overwhelmed with all this new work and figure that if I organize the office and get rid of the last three years of paperwork I’ve been accumulating, I would feel better in control. So far, it seems to be working.
Currently, I’m starved out of my head as I have only eaten an Oatmeal to Go bar since 10am and it’s currently 6:30pm. Unfortunately, I have no desire to cook anything. I’m way too tired. I may just see what’s on Pay Per View and wrap up the evening that way.
The grand epiphany for the day, however, is this:
I am bored and lonely and I figured out why. In Edmonton, I had several activities and friends. Here, I have the same. Quality in both cities.
However, the difference is that in Edmonton, I also had "Jenn & Carolynn". J&C lived about a 15 minute drive from me and I was welcome over at their place pretty much any time I darn well felt like going, with or without any notice. And Carolynn would likely prepare some awesome food for me while I was there. This was like having family, but better because they are gay and my age and, consequently, we watch better videos.
I don’t have this here. Not because the people are snobby – they certainly aren’t. And I’ve received some excellent invitations to do some pretty cool things with the friends I have here. I love them and appreciate the support they’ve given me during my surgery, my on-again, off-again relationship and really, just in general. My friends rock.
And it’s not just me. I was speaking with the exgf today, and she feels that despite the fact that she has many excellent friends, she doesn’t have a J&C either. (Now that I’ve been writing "J&C" so often, it’s beginning to sound like a medical procedure: her lining is much too thick, nurse – we’ll have to do a J&C.)
Anyway, if I were dating someone, this wouldn’t matter, because the person you’re dating becomes your J&C. And a little better, quite frankly, as there are fringe benefits available. But I’m currently single, so it’s more noticeable. Hence, why I am feeling bored and lonely, despite the fact my social calendar is full.
And it struck me, that I, too, offer this open house service (without the quality of food Carolynn provided, though) and have provided it to friends while I was in Edmonton, but not here. I would do it, but no one has wanted it. Odd, no?
So the question is: Is it an Edmonton thing? A Toronto thing? Just a J&C thing? My exgf and I want to know. We want a J&C and I’m sure you do too.
Or maybe I just miss J&C today… It’s so hard to tell when I’m pre-menstrual now that I’m not bleeding. I give a big "Good Luck" and kisses to J&C, who are moving to Labrador. Have a good adventure and think about moving to Toronto when it’s done. 😉
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  1. Jenn
    July 4, 2005 at 8:00 pm

    Awww. We miss you too! We do not have a Sonya here, although my friend Hope is a blacker, younger, more artsy but less confident version. Also, she doesn\’t play Scrabble. And she NEVER just drops in or calls spontaneously. So, really she is just a friend that I have to call to invite over for dinner because she is a starving student and she writes cool poetry, such as her famous \’The Colourless Fuck\’. Anyway. She isn\’t you, only you are you, and we can\’t wait for you to come and visit us in Labrador! Love you lots, Sonya. I think my parents are going to visit you when they come to Ontario for my cousin\’s wedding. Maybe you\’ll finally get your book back! (Kidding. I\’ll mail it if they aren\’t going to be in your area!)

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