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Pride Weekend

This Friday, I attended the "Wet & Wild Women’s Cruise". My straight, male co-worker was quite intrigued by that event title. He wanted to come. And although it was very fun (the view of downtown Toronto from Lake Ontario alone was worth the price of admission), it wasn’t anywhere near the straight male fantasy expectation. Oddly, this was also true of the "Lesbian Hot Tub Party" I attended in California. Are lesbians sexually overrated by the str8 male population? I think yes. And sometimes I think I overrate them as well (in general, that is – sexually, they seem fine)…

Yesterday, I hung out in downtown Toronto for most of the day to partake in the Pride atmosphere. Some good experiences and some average, typical of any event.

The heat was extraordinary, but I found an excellent, non-oily sunscreen. It was SPF15 and I only applied once, but I came away from the event burn-free. Even the little redhead with the sensitive, porcelain skin only got a ruddy nose. I did sympathize with the drag queens. They were in full costume in 31 deg heat (felt like 41 deg). Yikes. That’s dedication.

The crowds were painful in spots. It never ceases to amaze me how some people can’t keep track of their personal space and how it overlaps into other people’s space. Even riding the TTC was an experience in urban culture. Give me clean, quiet suburbia any day!

The drag show stage was disappointing. The drag queens were fine and performed as expected, but the king shows were surprisingly not drag shows. Women dressed up as women is not drag. It may be performance art, at best, but not drag.

The dyke march was fairly good and fast. If you’ve ever been to a Toronto Dyke March, you’ll know it’s not so much a ‘march’ as it is an ‘amble’. And it moves like traffic on the 401 at rush hour – moves for 5 feet, stops for 10 minutes, moves for 5 feet, stops for 10 minutes. Lather, rinse, repeat. This year, we only stopped once and when we were moving, holy, we were moving. The entire thing lasted less than an hour. And much thanks to the dykes who gunned me down with water pistols. That was much appreciated.

Finally, the highlight of the day: gay boy bbq. Friends of friends had a bbq in their (absolutely GORGEOUS) townhouse on Jarvis and we were generously invited to attend. The food, music, company and cats were beyond compare. I love gay boys. I want some.

And thanks to Trish for the lemon water! (And a small request: please hide Connor from your animal-cidal gf. 😉


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