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Is it an election year already?

A gentleman from Enbridge showed up on my doorstep today to install some free goodies from the government.

He put "foam pipe insulation" on my hot water pipes, installed an energy efficient massage shower head in my guest bathroom, and gave me an aerator for my kitchen sink and another for my bathroom sink to install on my own. (Apparently, he knew I re-installed my toilet fill valve this afternoon and, therefore, had the plumbing expertise.)

According to the flyer that came with all this free stuff, I can save up to 13.4 % in natural gas water heating costs and accumulate up to $50 a year in water savings. The CO2 reductions alone are equivalent to planting 28 mature trees!

I am an environmental hero.

Now that I see the government can make free changes that affect my life in a single house call, I’m waiting for the agent who is going to come to my home with my same sex marriage application. I’m sure that’s next on their to-do list…

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