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Things Occupying my Mind on Friday

There are many things in my brain this morning:

1. Why are they considering the City of Barrie to host the Live 8 concert? I’m not actually going, so it doesn’t affect me but if they want 150,000 people to attend and they are holding it in a city with only 100,000 people, the math doesn’t work. Or maybe they only wanted 15,000 people to attend. Damn it – one little decimal place can really screw things up.

2. Speaking of concerts, Cyndi Lauper is playing in Orillia (another small Ontario town, about 130 km north of Toronto). Good tickets are $32 each. This will be the second year she is playing two concerts there. I would love to go, but the drive for a 2 hr concert seems ridiculous for me and my car (gas prices are upsetting my thrifty virgo sensibilities). I would think that Cyndi Lauper could fill a bigger venue. Why doesn’t she play Toronto or at least Brampton?

3. My bedroom is falling apart. My toilet tank has been leaking for a week so I finally bit the bullet and bought a stop valve pipe. I replaced it yesterday. Apparently that wasn’t the problem. I need to replace a part I just replaced last October. Bleh. If it wasn’t my favourite toilet, I wouldn’t do it (and yes, I have a favourite toilet.) 

Also, last night I awoke to a thunderous crash in my closet. The top rack fell down. The little pegs holding it into the wall stretched enough to become skinny and pull out of the wall. This is likely a sign I own too many t-shirts. I have to buy more and fix that too. (Buy more pegs, not t-shirts…)

4. I am trying to work out a magic math formula to calculate the amount of money my staff should be earning. This number would be based on their performance evaluations, their expertise/responsibilities, the number of years they have been at the company, and the average percentage the company is willing to give for that year.

The problem is that I can make a formula that works for the first year, but it has issues as the years progress (alhtough, don’t we all?). Grrr. I’ve spent two days on this. Thank goodness, I’m not an accountant… or the guy planning the Live 8 concert.

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