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The Dog Days of Summer

I was hoping to start this blog with something positive and spiritually uplifting (especially in light of my space title, The Fat Keeper Spirit House.)  Sadly, the only eventful thing I have experienced was a horrific encounter with my gf’s dog, Jasper, and his dehydrated bowels.

It has been very hot here in the big city for quite some time. And when I say ‘hot’, there is no exaggeration here; it’s been +30 deg with humidity making it feel like +40 deg. (For non-Canadians, yes, I do need to put the ‘+’ in there. We can certainly hit -30 deg in June. I’m not sure we actually have, but I know we could.)

I, personally, have been very brave in the heat. My thermostat reads +28 and I have NOT turned on my a/c. I refuse. Partially because I know we are consuming more energy than we are producing in this province and that offends my environmental sensibilities, but more importantly because I’m cheap and spending money on a/c offends my bank balance.

Anyway, I ventured to my gf’s house, all anxious and excited as we don’t get to spend very much quality time together. We were scheduled to watch some Canadian Idol (my gf only gets one channel – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) and cuddle.

Sadly, poor Jasper is having some issues with the heat. The gf came home to find he had had a little accident. She classifies it as "the worst accident he’s ever had". She was cleaning her little heart out when I arrived, but in this heat, there isn’t much you can do. Not only did she have to wash his kennel and the carpet, but she had to cut the fur from his butt and tail.  It was quite the undertaking.

Prior to this, she had convinced me that if we ever moved in together, we should get a dog that I, the dog hater, would enjoy more – a butchier dog like a pug (but she wanted to name it ‘flower’ or something equally floofy). I thought that could be fun.

I’ve changed my mind. 

Although I do have to admit that the virgo in me got pretty excited watching her clean…

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